D. Daye Hunter

"Shining our light, but not afraid of the dark"


Welcome to my heartworks.

Here you’ll find my written and wearable poetry. 

These are a reflection of my experiences as a Black Indigenous woman of

African, Sappony, Nansemond,

Gaelic, and Polish descent.

Keep your light shining,




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"Bless the Matriarchy"
"My womb retched.
I fell to my knees from the pain.
I was not in labor, no.
I was trapped in a cycle of imbalanced hormones,
false labor, the constant stress of which
threatened my very life and the life of my own children to come.
I crawled around outside in the direction of my front porch.
It was then that I noticed I was not alone.
There was a creature, a small bee,
crawling along there beside me.
Many times I had seen bees crawling,
dying as I walked by.
“Does anyone else see this?”
I often wondered aloud.
Tears coming to my eyes.
Most had not...
It was there, crawling amongst the gravel and cement,
that I realized: the bee and I
are one in the same.
Life givers.
He the pollinator,
directed by his queen.
I, the earth where the pollen grew and became a flower and food.
I realized that these pesticides, chemicals, resource extraction,
and failed attempts to tame and overthrow Mother Earth
were beating down on our bodies
like war tanks in soft earth.
Like oil drills piercing
sacred mountain tops.
It was then I saw that our
futures were inextricably linked.
To save our wombs
we must save the bees.
In saving you, I save me."
-D. Daye Hunter