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by Dominique Daye Hunter

Seeds: Stories of Afro-Indigenous Resilience is a collection of poetry and short stories in which author Dominique Daye Hunter explores the histories, intergenerational and personal trauma, healing, and resilience of the Afro-Indigenous diaspora. With a focus on Afro-Indigenous peoples in the southeastern United States, Dominique explores her process of reclaiming her traditional Yésah / Saponi culture and spirituality as well as her African roots. Seeds is an ancestrally informed collection which highlights all aspects of being a Black and Native woman: reproductive justice, food sovereignty, water rights, environmental racism, systemic racism, anti-Blackness in Indigenous communities, self-love, and healing. 


“This phenomenal work guides you through various forms of expression and quietly reassures you that - whatever form of expression you choose - it is needed in this world. Dominique gives us all permission to bask in our full selves while recognizing that we are all seeds - whether we are blowing in the breeze or firmly planted in the earth - our presence speaks to growth, to reaping and sowing, to survival.”
- Shereá D. Burnett, J.D., Creator of ThisWomansWords, Social Worker, Writer, & Advocate @shereadenise

“𝑺𝒆𝒆𝒅𝒔 takes the reader on a journey of overcoming personal and intergenerational trauma. Dominique uses raw authentic storytelling to tell her story, the stories of her Black and Native ancestors, and the stories of Turtle Island and African descendants. She delivers a timely message of unification in order to achieve collective liberation of Black, Indigenous, People of Color. 𝑺𝒆𝒆𝒅𝒔: expresses that our common connection to Mother Earth transcends colonial constructs of race and blood quantum that continue to divide Indigenous peoples, and encourages self love, self acceptance, and Afro-Indigenous pride.”
- Aminah Sané Ghaffar
Good Medicine Woman LLC Founder, Advocate @good_medicinewoman

“Through powerful historical and contemporary imagery, author Dominique Daye Hunter guides the reader through the complex navigation of living in two worlds when society demands conformity. Powerfully reclaiming her space through these moving experiences, Dominique allows you to bear witness to the ultimate rebirth: her rightful and planted place as an Afro-Indigenous woman.”
-Roc, Author, Poet, and Friend @rocbnx

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