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Welcome to the Universe through DDaye's Eye...

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Allow me to introduce myself.

Henegou Moñdi mihu aka Dominique Daye Hunter aka DDaye. I am an artist and poet by spirit, organizer by mind, + performance artist and hustler by flesh. My ancestors hail from West Africa, Sappony amai (Indigenous peoples of North Carolina/Virginia), Ireland, Norway, + Poland. I live between the southeast + southwestern "United States" aka Turtle Island.

I am a co-founder of Indigenous Womxn In Solidarity Empowered and Rising (est. 2016), a grassroots group that seeks to empower Indigenous womxn locally and globally, and am a founding official member of the Matriarch Militia (Patriarchs need not bring your bullshit by here).

Poetry was gifted to me over 13 years ago. My spoken word experience started in 2014. My streetwear daye's began in 2015. And my hiphop career in 2016. I relaunched my clothing line this year, January 2018, and have been working as a full time artist ever since.

I've recently completed by BS in Nonprofit Leadership Management with a concentration in American Indian Studies. My life's goal is to help others + enjoy the hell outta the ride.

Recently . . .

Summer felt like a dream. Fall is here, and with it a whole new outlook on life, self, family, home, love, + my artistic expressions. A whole new look. Behold: DDaye's reinvention of self.

Today marks the Autumn equinox. It also marks the launch of my all-new Artist Lifestyle Platform, which includes a revamped theme on FB + IG, as well as this completely renovated website. Previously, I managed two Instagram accounts: @ddayehunterdesigns as a business and art page, and @ddayehunter as a personal. . . + art page. They have now merged to become

Rather than focus on my words + visual art separately, this merge will allow for a more holistic approach, + flow of ideas, for your viewing and soulful pleasure.

Be sure to check out the tabs above, which include...

Hiphop: videos, shows, + past events

Poetry: "Seeds" poetry booklet for purchase + updates on my upcoming book “Dreams”

Blog: Topics from womxn's health, love, art, music, beauty, fashion, business, empowerment, etc.

IWISER: info + links to the site

Upcoming Events

Shop: merch including shirts, stickers, buttons, + more

So check those out.

Also, be sure to like, share, + follow me on Instagram (+ turn on post notifications) + Facebook so you get the latest scoop when new blogs, merch, + events are posted.

Upcoming blogs include "My top 13 Beautiful Brown Boss Babes of the season," + an IWISER repost, "War on Our Wombs: Part 1."

I am so excited to be on this journey + ever grateful to have y'all along for the ride xo

Until next time, and as always. . .

Be you babe,


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Dominique (Afro Sappony/Norse-Irish/Polish descent) is a poet/spoken word/hiphop artist, short story writer, clothing line boss babe, + aspiring recreational therapist. She is also the co-founder of Indigenous Womxn In Solidarity Empowered + Rising. She is currently working on her B.S. in Nonprofit Leadership Management with an emphasis in American Indian Studies, and lives between the southeast + southwestern U.S.

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