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Holidaye Poetry Soirée & Fundraiser Event

Updated: Jan 25

A flyer reads "Holiday Poetry Soirée + Fundraiser" in the center and "Sponsored by: IMCASTERR. Morning Mist Soap Co., and Khapovi Herbals" on the top. There is a four part polaroid strip of café / restaurant / winery Bottle and Bean. The boka of a Yuletide / Christmas tree is  set as the background of the entire flyer.

A woman poses sitting in a chair in front of a Yuletide / Christmas tree.
IMCASTERR Photography

Dominique Daye Hunter

Readers and supporters from across the Phoenix valley joined on Sunday, December 18th 12-3pm to celebrate 6 months of Seeds: Stories of Afro-Indigenous Resilience by Dominique Daye Hunter.

A view of a cafe sign, posted menu, and decor. There are snake plants in the foreground and the décor is a range of black and golds to antique gray furniture and deep hued wooden wall paneling.
Bottle & Bean

Hosted in the private dining room of local Chandler coffee shop and winery Bottle & Bean, the Holidaye Poetry Soirée & Fundraiser afforded Seeds readers to a private reading, book discussion, lunch, and raffle. Tickets included early bird, general admission, and V.I.P (Very Involved Persons) rates. All proceeds from funds raised went to helping D. Daye on the next leg of her journey: creating a second home in North Carolina to be close to hená (her mother) as she gets into her golden years and be more involved in Yèsah culture and language learning.

Dominique first opened with a Tutelo-Saponi winter prayer, asking the Creator and Mother Earth to keep participants and their loved ones fed, warm, and safe through the dark, cold season.

Next, she thanked everyone for joining and gave special acknowledgment to the sponsors of the event who either donated raffle items or purchased $150 V.I.P. tickets. TiThe latter included a special V.I.P gift bag, copy of Seeds, 40 raffle tickets, social media advertising pre and post event, and lunch provider for those who attended in person.

One woman sits at a dining table and has a conversation with another woman who stands by the same table.
IMCASTERR Photography

Thank You to Our Sponsors

  • Hená aka momma bear

  • Rocio Francis, Morning Mist Soap Co.

  • Shalanndra Benally, IMCASTERR

  • Taylor Rose Vigil, Khapovi Herbals

  • JoyFree Baked Goods

  • Gave Garcia, Indigenous Batman

  • Ponypuff Beads + Laboraex

  • Annie Sanchez, Mariposa Strategies

  • Lisa, NDA NOW Landscaping

  • Barney Enos

Afro-Indigenous woman stands in front of an unseen crowd reading from her book of poetry.
Photo by Shaina Yazzie

Next, the Afro-Indigenous author and storyteller read several poems including:

  • Waneni

  • Water Justice

  • Hold On

  • Our Resilience, Our Identity, Our Pride

  • Soaring

  • How to Survive As a Writer

  • Hot, Cold, Strong

  • It’s Pronounced Afro-Indigenous

  • Reparations

  • She is Afro-Indigenous

  • Indigenous AF

  • Is it a Crime to Be Afro-Indigenous?

  • North Carolina

  • Home

  • I Am

Question prompts were displayed on the TV monitor and attendees then commenced in a light book discussion over steaming Moroccan Mint Matcha tea lattes, iced coffees, and lunch dishes made by award winning Chef Chris George. Mouth watering gingerbread and sugar Christmas cookies were also provided courtesy of JoyFree.

Event presentation table with D. Daye table cloth, raffle prizes, and other branded set up items al matching in black and gold. The large flat screen TV mounted on the wall says "Holidaye Poetry Soirée & Fundraiser: D. Daye Hunter Designs."
IMCASTERR Photography

Discussion questions included:

  1. Which themes spoke to you most?

  2. If you are Afro-Indigenous, how can you feel more supported by both sides of your community? If you are not Afro-Indigenous, what have you learned about how you can support those who are?

  3. What are you grateful for this winter season?

After the lunch and discussion, the raffle drawing began. Five prizes totaled over $1,100 in retail value:

  • Medium Raffle boxes (3):

  1. Womb Power Box: ($150 value) won by Teya Johnson Tiger

  2. Sensual Masculine Box: ($150 value) won by Annie Sanchez, Mariposa Strategies

  3. Baby It’s Cold Outside Box: ($150 value) won by Sonya, Sunshine Grey Skies

  • Large Raffle bags (2):

  1. Winter Wonderland Bag ($300 value) won by Barney Enos

  2. Mega Matriarchy Bag ($300 value), won by Gabe Garcia, Indigenous Batman

Contents of raffle prizes including 3 boxes and 2 large gift bags.
Raffle prizes includes 3 boxes and 2 large gift bags with a total value of over $1000

The event concluded with the distribution of $50 value gift bags to each attendee who didn’t win a raffle prize, as promised on the event marketing. Gift bags included a combination of chapstick and mini soap bars by Morning Mist Soap Co, stickers by D. Daye Hunter Designs, candied nuts by Redhouse Delicates and/or fudge by JoyFree, and a personalized, handwritten note by D. Daye herself.

Guests gathered in the main coffee shop area for photos with Dominique by the Christmas tree and “see you later” hugs.

The Holidaye Poetry Reading & Fundraiser Soirée allowed local Phoenix valley readers

Small, black gift bag with black and gold striped gift paper sticking out the top, and a small round label of the D. Daye Hunter Designs Logo with a black ink seal behind it. The bag sits on top of a black and white marble table with a black and gold lamp and black and gold and beige clock on the wall.
Each attendee who didn't win a raffle prize was given a $50 value gift bag

to connect and deepen rapport with D. Daye Hunter before she moves home to North Carolina. With the help of her sponsors, Dominique created an intimate, magical experience where for attendees at this beautiful, on-brand location. She raised over $800 to help her establish a second home in North Carolina so she can be closer to her elderly mother, her family and community, and reconnect to the Amai (land), the Tutelo Saponi Language, and her Yèsah culture.

You can continue to follow Dominique’s journey by subscribing to her website, on Instagram and / or Tiktok @ddayehunter @ddayehunterdesigns, or at LinkedIn: Dominique Daye Hunter.

Two Indigenous women pose  in front of a Yuletide / Christmas tree.
D. Daye poses with Alpha Phi Omega (APiO) Arizona State University Chapter's Advisor Yvonne "Miss Von" Garcia

Two women post  in front of a Yuletide / Christmas tree.
D. Daye and friend and fellow branding consultant Gabey Husen pose in front of the Yuletide tree.

Hannah Manuelito photography

Dominique Daye Hunter is a storyteller, advocate, and multi-disciplinary artist of Black/ Saponi/ Nansemond /Irish/ Polish descent. She is the CEO of D. Daye Hunter Designs and has a B.S. in Nonprofit Leadership Management, emphasis in American Indian Studies. Hunter's work explores the complex connections between historical trauma and healing in Black and Indigenous communities. She creates safe spaces for BIWOC, children, neurodivergent individuals, and chronic illness warriors. The author of “Seeds: Stories of Afro-Indigenous Resilience,” Hunter is a sophomore cohort member of the Artist Investment Program, (Arizona Commission on the Arts) and lives between Arizona and North Carolina. Follow her journey on Instagram @ddayehunter and @ddayehunterdesigns.

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